about us


Dr Jo is essentially a lifelong nerd who likes to help people work safely. 

She’s got a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine from the University of Sydney, 

 and a Masters (with distinction) in Occupational Health and Safety from the University of Newcastle. 

Jo’s an AHPRA recognised Medical Specialist in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and is a 

Fellow of the Australian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine with the 

Royal Australian College of Physicians. 

Dr Jo has expert qualifications in workplace drug and alcohol interpretation and management, and is an Australian Medical Review Officer’s Association. 

Dr Jo likes to get out there.  

She collects industrial site experiences like others collect 

I dunno, Lego? Shoes? Cars?

She loves seeing what humans can do – so she can help them to do it safely.

Safety Critical Work, Major Hazard Facilities, Mineral Extraction and Primary Processing

Waste Management, Construction, Forestry

Logistics and Transport Hazards, Ports Facilities and Shipping Regulations,

Secondary industrial processing like smelting, steel works, energy production and factories,

Tertiary sector work involving project management, deadlines and travel.

Each system and type of work poses its own hazards to be mitigated.

Dr Jo seeks to understand and help.

Her family are roped in time to time to help, like send out invoices, make websites, decorate and inspire…


Our Mission

drjo2go offer the best of both worlds in occupational and environmental medicine. A hybrid of in clinic and on site services, our objective is to provide expert, evidence based occupational and environmental medicine advice in an ethical and efficient manner, wherever it is needed. 

Our Values

Flexibility,   We value client centred care, and offer both in clinic and on site services. 

Quality, We believe in quality medicine, providing accurate, detailed, evidence based assessments.

Reliability. We provide informed, independent, medicolegally sound advice. 

Expertise.   drjo2go believes that expert advice requires both academic and real world understanding and keeps it up to date through continual professional development.  

          Medical Services – Dr Joanna Holland

Practice Manager – Cory Holland

            IT Manager – Miles Holland

                Clinic Art – Drew Holland